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Who We Are


The National Association for the Preservation of African-American History & Culture, Inc.





Founded in 2013, the National Association for the Preservation of African-American History & Culture, Inc. (NAPAAHC) is committed to saving endangered African-American historical landmarks, educating America's communities about the contributions of African-American pioneers, and to support and protect the artifacts and edifices that remain to tell the story, trials, triumph and perseverance of tens of thousands of African-Americans in a time of great adversity in America.


The purpose of the NAPAAHC is to bring much needed awareness to the ever present urgency to save the homes, businesses, churches, and meeting places of African-Americans who have made significant contributions to the American society by way of civil rights, government, entrepreneurship, community activism, sports, medicine, education, music, and more. It is now more prevalent than ever to garner, display, and protect the varying amount of vanishing historical artifacts that lay tattered and worn among dust mites in attics, or suffocated by the crampness of rusted trunks. It is the mission of this organization to take these photographs, and significant oral histories, so that they may be preserved, and become available to the public for generations to come.


The NAPAAHC seeks to bridge the ever-fledgling gap between the legacies of nationally-known African-American leaders, and unsung pioneers in local communities throughout the nation, each of whom contributed significantly to the economic development of African-American communities, and the civil rights movement in the United States.


Additionally, the NAPAAHC desires to foster economic development throughout the nation, by way of researching ways and developing strategies in which neighborhoods in historically neglected communities can receive much needed resources and financial assistance.

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