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Saving threatened landmarks

Deadline to submit nominations is July 1, 2015


Click here to download a nomination application

The National Association for the Preservation of African-American History & Culture, Inc. holds an unwavering commitment to saving and advocating for the preservation of African-American historic properties. In order to accomplish this great and dire task, we continually seek the public's help and support in identifying these landmarks worthy of being saved.


Whether it be an historic home, business, church, cemetery, or plot of land, the NAPAAHC encourages you to submit your nominations for the Most Threatened African-American Historical Properties to save these sites and areas. We will advocate and assist residents of your area in working to garner the support and resources needed to ensure that important pieces America's African-American past are salvaged.


It is prevalent that historical buildings are torn down each day; this may be because there was no advocacy on the behalf of the property, or that there was no prior knowledge pertaining to the significance of the resource.


We strongly encourage you to research your property or the property that you are interested in saving. NAPAAHC will also assist in these endeavors, though we do rely upon the support of community citizens and activists willing to get involved in preserving our past, therefore ensuring the progression of our future.


We are here to help!

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