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Trustee Joseph Ward releases new historical volume

Joseph A. Ward, Author, Life Skills Trainer, Radio Host and member of the Board of Trustees for The National Association for the Preservation of African-American History & Culture, Inc. (NAPAAHC) has released a new book entitled “On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 1 North America” highlighting the sung and unsung heroes of the African diaspora.

“On the Shoulders of Giants Vol. 1 North America” was inspired by a blog Ward created as a direct result of an encounter with a 15 year old student.

“She told me she was unaware of who Althea Gibson and other historical African-American figures were,” Ward said. “I felt I needed to do something fast,” he added. Althea Gibson was a graduate of Florida A&M University, as well as the first African-American female invited to compete in the Wimbledon tournament.

“On the Shoulders of Giants Vol. 1 North America” delivers 10 biographies of historical figures like Gibson from all walks of life covering the United States, Canada and Mexico. Readers will find information about media moguls, the first African-American female piolet, the first African-American female Astronaut and more. In addition, Ward features many historical figures weekly on Candice Briggs, 22, editor from Montgomery, AL said. “I love that the book offers an updated listing of African American heroes! I have two young children that would love to read this type of literature.”

Ward has worked relentlessly toward publication for one year while providing life skills, along with sexual and domestic violence prevention training at He is also the host of an on-air interview and discussion based talk radio show called the Freedom Train, where figures in the city of Tallahassee and beyond are interviewed about what inspires them, their major influences and their methods used to create self-success. "On the Shoulders of Giants Vol. 2 Central America" is Ward's next project.

If you would like more information about On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 1 North America or to schedule an interview with Joseph Ward, please call (850) 363-1516 or email

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